Dec 26, 2016

Barclays, One Of The Largest Sellers Of These Products In The U.s., Will Continue To Support Its Outstanding Cds, A Person With Knowledge Of The Matter Said.the People Asked Not To Be Identified Because They Were Not Authorized To Speak Publicly On The Matter.

"From a linguistic point of view it's just another word," he told the BBC. "The only interesting feature is the way the 'exit' part has become productive, acting like a suffix (Grexit, Frexit, etc), which is unusual. "New suffixes don't arise very often, a previous example was '-gate' after Watergate." According to Macmillan Dictionary, it "reflects a growing trend in recent years of coining a catchy new expression to appealingly characterise a topical scenario". Cashing in Image copyright Getty Images Brexit may not be confined to politics for much longer, with 18 trademark applications fe