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Areas with few Latinos, which tend to lean Republican, would receive outsize Congressional power and outsize federal money. So we have known for months that Ross’s testimony was, at best, misleading. In July, The Washington Post https://jerkinsanamaria98.wordpress.com gave him “four Pinocchios.” This week, we got the documentation that he told an outright lie — when he claimed the Justice Department “initiated” the citizenship question. Memos released as part of a legal case, brought by the New York State attorney general and others, showed that the Justice Department did not initiate the question . Officials at Justice expressly refused to do so, knowing it would bring bad publicity. As an aide to Ross wrote to him six months before his testimony, “Justice staff did not want to raise the question given the difficulties Justice was encountering in the press at the time (the whole Comey matter).” Ross’s department then tried to persuade the Department of Homeland Security to request that the question be added, but it also declined. “Ultimately, the Justice Department did send a formal request to the Census Bureau in December 2017 for a question about citizenship status,” as Hansi Lo Wang of N.P.R. explains . “That happened, however, months after Ross and his staff first reached out to the department about the request.” The Justice Department didn’t initiate anything here. I realize I’ve just walked through a fair amount of bureaucratic back story. So I want to be clear about the full picture: A member of the president’s cabinet oversaw a plan to reduce the political power of a specific ethnic group.

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How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America?

America is often described as a place of great divides — between red and blue, big cities and rural towns, the coasts and the heartland. But our social lives are shaped by a much stronger force that ignores many of these lines: distance. In the millions of ties on Facebook that connect relatives, co-workers, classmates and friends, Americans are far more likely to know people nearby than in distant communities that share their politics or mirror their demographics. The dominant picture in data analyzed by economists at Facebook, Harvard, Princeton and New York University is not that like-minded places are linked; rather, people in counties close to one another are. Even in the age of the internet, distance matters immensely in determining whom — and, as a result, what — we know. Coastal cities like New York, Washington, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles do exhibit close ties to one another, showing that people in counties with similar incomes, education levels and voting patterns are more likely to be linked. But nationwide, the effect of such similarity is small. And the pull of regionalism is strong even for major cities. Brooklynites are still more likely to know someone on Facebook near Albany or Binghamton than in the Bay Area.

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